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15953 State Highway 99 (140th St. W)

Montgomery MN, 56069

Phone: 952.221.1051

The first Honeycrisp of the season!

Montgomery Orchard is a family owned business conveniently located just one hour south of the Twin Cities.  You can find us just one mile east of the intersection of Highways 99 and 13 in the Montgomery township. 

Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable outdoor experience.  You can take a self guided hike through the prairie, take your time to appreciate the fall day by picking apples directly from the trees (when supplies are available) and
inish your day by participating in cider making using an old fashioned cider press.

We grow four varieties of plums, two varieties of pears and 10 varieties of apples.

Apple Blossoms in the spring.

Springtime in the Orchard

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Minnesota Apple Growers
Minnesota Grown


 We do not have regular store hours in the off season. 

 Give us a call if you would like something.

We are around most weekends. 







Our Hours: 
We are open on weekends, starting on Saturday August 31st through mid-November, weather permitting.
__PM - __PM


__AM - __PM


____ - __PM

Estimated Harvest Dates
for 2013

State Fair-August 30
Juicy, moderately tart fruit. Good for eating and cooking.

Beacon-August 30
Bright red apple with soft juicy flesh

Zestar!- September 2
Large, crunchy, juicy red fruit with sprightly sweet-tart flavor
and a hint of brown sugar.  Excellent for both eating and cooking.
Swee Tango - September 10
Juicy and sweet wtih hints of fall spices.
It has the crisp texture of the Honeycrisp and juiciness of the Zestar!
Sweet Sixteen-September 10
Crisp and juicy with an exoctic yellow flesh.
Very sweet unusual sugar cane or spicy cherry candy flavor. 
Chestnut Crabapple-September 10
Creamy white flesh with a nut-like flavor.
Great for eating, cooking or making jams.
Cortland-September 15
Sweet with a hint of tartness, juicy crsip white flesh.
Excellent for eating and salads as stay white when cut open.

Honeycrisp-September 15
Best Eating Apple Ever!
Outstanding crispness and juiciness.
Minnesota State Apple

Haralson, Honeygold, Fireside
Connell Red

September 20
Haralson: firm texture with complex tart flavor. 
Especially good pie apple.
Honeygold: Sweet, crisp and juicy. Excellent for fresh eating.
Fireside/Connell Red: Large fruit with sweet flavor. 
Good for fresh eating,
salad and baked apples.

Plums-mid August

Montgomery Orchard is located one mile East from the corner of Highway 13 and Highway 99 at 15953 State Highway 99.

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